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Packa-Ching would not be where it is today without the support of multiple organisations and individuals.

Packa-Ching was founded by the Polyolefin Responsibility Organisation NPC (Polyco) with the goal of ending waste in the environment, reducing recyclable waste going to landfill, and increasing recycling rates in South Africa. Polyco launched the first Packa-Ching unit in Langa, Cape Town in 2017.

In 2018, Shoprite showed their support for the initiative and came on board as a sponsor by assisting the business owners with support towards their operations labour costs. In 2020, Sasol came on board as a sponsor and gave their support to Packa-Ching by committing to fund the operational costs for the roll out of Packa-Ching, to launch 25 units over the next 5 years, as well as to assist business owners with monthly support towards their fuel costs.

New Packa-Ching business owner operators are periodically sought in new launch areas in South Africa. If you fulfill the qualifying criteria please apply below.

Packa-Ching users can spend the vouchers that they earn through recycling at selected merchants. If you would like to sign your store up to be able to accept these vouchers please select the link below.

The Packa-Ching schools programme will launch in 2021 and requires sponsorship to fund an educational drive in selected schools where each Packa-Ching unit operates. This programme will include educating learners about the importance of recycling, installing recycling infrastructure into schools, and weekly collection of these recyclables by the local Packa-Ching unit.

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