The PACKA-CHING story is a truly remarkable one. A story of determination, vision and altruism that began by asking a simple question: “can we get ordinary South Africans to recycle?” The answer to date has been a resounding “yes”.

PACKA-CHING was launched on the 21st of August 2017 in Langa, one of the oldest communities in the Cape.

The idea behind the project is to tap into a new market of recyclable packaging material in order to grow the mechanical recycling of packaging and ultimately decrease the amount of waste entering landfills. By incentivising a change in behaviour and shifting the perception of recyclable waste, PACKA-CHING is cleaning up the environment and uplifting the communities in which it operates.

Individuals bring recyclable packaging material (plastic, paper, metal cans and glass) to PACKA-CHING, a network of mobile recycling units that travel between communities, and exchange it for money that is loaded into a an eWallet account.


Our mission is to encourage individuals to recycle and reduce waste pollution by incentivising a positive change in behaviour and creating a shift in the way that people perceive the value of waste.

  • Maximise the diversion of packaging waste from landfill.
  • Open up new sources of packaging waste to grow the mechanical recycling thereof.
  • Incentivise a change in recycling behaviour.
  • Contribute to poverty alleviation by creating an income earning opportunity for South African households.
  • Have a national footprint within five years.

A cleaner tomorrow.